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Cheap flights to Lyon

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Cheap Flights to Lyon

France's food capital, the bustling city of Lyon is a foodies' paradise, having been home to many of the country's top chefs for several centuries. Renowned for its café culture, the "Capital of Lights" comes to life at night when the majestic architecture is illuminated by the river and the area's many nightclubs welcome masses of revellers. France's third-largest metropolis, the popular holiday destination is known for being a forward-thinking city that nods to the future with its innovative designs and burgeoning software industry.

After planning your cheap flight to Lyon using our easy booking process,why not let your mind wander to all the incredible sights that wait for you in this stunning city?

Lyon Bridge
Lyon Bridge

Eating Out in Lyon

If there's one thing you must experience in Lyon it's the gastronomic culture. For centuries, the city has been revered for its impressive cuisine and top chefs, thanks to the culinary excellence pioneered by the likes of Paul Bocuse and Georges Blanc.The city is also central to two of France's most popular wine making regions – Beaujolais and Côtes du Rhone. Whilst eating out, you'll find that Beaujolais is the most common table wine served with local dishes in the city.

Perhaps the most popular dining out option are itsbouchons–restaurants exclusive to the city that sell Lyonnaise cuisine. Typically this includes delicacies such as duck pate and pistachio sausage. Only around 20 restaurants in the popular holiday destination are given coveted bouchon status and this list is reviewed annually.

Lyon for Film Buffs

Lyon is also the birthplace of cinema and a popular movie-making hub. Louis Lumiere first activated the Cinematographe device he had invented with his brother, Auguste, in 1895. The siblings' old mansion has now been turned into a museum celebrating the early history of moviemaking and continues to show some of the original films by the two brothers.

Visitors can further immerse themselves in the history of film by taking a stroll through the park and doe the Rue du Premier-Film where film fans can see the 'Film-makers Wall' and view the spot where the brother positioned the cinematograph to shoot their first ever film, Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory.

Regardless of whether you'rea movie buff or simply someone who enjoys the finer things in life, booking one of our cheap flights to Lyon is your first step to a holiday to remember.

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