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Cheap Flights to Islay

This scenic Scottish island provides the ideal getaway for tourists who enjoy exploring off the beaten track. Surrounded by deep blue seas and untouched wilderness, it's easy to forget about the fast pace of modern life when you're hiking up the nearby Paps of Jura, exploring the abundant wildlife or sampling the world-famous whisky of its distilleries.

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Explore the Impressive Paps of Jura near Islay

Passengers can enjoy breathtaking views of the stunning local scenery before they've even landed. Why not book a cheap flight to Islay and view the Paps of Jura as your plane descends towards the runway? This dramatic mountain range, located on the neighbouring island of Jura, is accessible via ferry from Islay and is a hotspot with hikers from across the UK and beyond. Easier coastal walks are another popular option, affording views of beautiful beaches, quaint white washed coastal cottages and imposing rugged cliffs.


Get Back to Nature in Islay

This stunning Scottish island is notable for its wide range of wildlife and is especially popular amongst twitchers. In coastal and wetland habitats, birds such as the ringed plover are seen all year round, while the Sanderling and Greenland White-fronted geese put in an appearance in winter. If you're really lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the lesser-spotted Curlew Sandpiper. Elsewhere, there are three species of deer, with the island particularly famous for its iconic red deer.

Whisky Tasting in Islay

Another reason tourists book cheap flights to Islay is to explore the island's rich distillery history. Islay is one of five distilling regions whose identity is protected by Scottish law, with eight active distilleries located on the island. Their signature taste is a strong "peaty" flavour that has earned it a reputation for producing the most intense tasting whisky in Scotland.
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