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Cheap flights near Dartmoor

If you're looking for cheap flights near Dartmoor, Flybe offers flights to Exeter. This Devon city is just a short journey by road or public transport from Dartmoor, one of Britain's most popular and attractive national parks.

We may be a low cost airline and you will save money if you book one of our budget flights near Dartmoor, but this doesn't mean you won't receive exceptional customer service when you travel with Flybe.

Cheap flights near Dartmoor and how to get there

Dartmoor is a national park and so the area is protected. There are no direct flights to Dartmoor but the city of Exeter is nearby, making this area of natural beauty easily accessible.

Exeter to Dartmoor by road

If you take one of our cheap flights near Dartmoor the journey from Exeter Airport to the national park will take between 30 minutes and one hour by car. There are car hire companies at the airport and it is possible to make arrangements prior to travel, which we would recommend as you will almost certainly save money if you book in advance. Dartmoor is a large national park and your journey time will vary depending on where you want to visit. Dartmoor is also well signposted from Exeter and the drive is relatively straightforward. If you are planning to head to the east side of Dartmoor we recommend you travel along the A38, while for the west side and villages such as Tavistock, it is probably better to use the A30.

Exeter to Dartmoor by taxi

The quickest way to reach the national park after taking one of our low cost flights near Dartmoor is by taxi, but it is also the most expensive. There are taxis available at Exeter Airport, or you may wish to find a firm and book in advance in order to secure the best deal. The price will vary greatly depending on where you want to go. The east side of Dartmoor is around a 30 minute journey from the airport, while the west side will take around an hour to reach.

Exeter to Dartmoor by public transport

It is possible to reach the national park by public transport when you take one of our cheap flights near Dartmoor as the Transmoor bus service travels to Dartmoor from the cities of Plymouth and Exeter. This is the cheapest way to travel, but also the most time consuming. The service runs on a regular basis from Exeter city centre to Dartmoor.

Our flights near Dartmoor

Book one of our cheap flights near Dartmoor and enjoy low cost travel with comfort and service from Flybe.

Exeter ' 32km from Dartmoor. This is a 30 minute journey by car or taxi, or slightly longer by bus.

Please note not all flights are direct. Please see our timetable for further details.

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