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Cheap flights to Budapest

Cheap Flights to Budapest

From the days of the Roman and Hapsburg Empires to the present day, Budapest remains one of Europe’s most beloved travel destinations, boasting more than four million visitors a year. From limestone hills to man-made islands, visitors to the city have the chance to indulge in both historical and modern cultural delights.

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Highlights along the Danube

Built around the two banks of the River Danube, Budapest is often proclaimed one of the world’s most beautiful cities, especially given its UNESCO World Heritage Status. From Castle Hill – a kilometer-long limestone cliff 170 metres high above the river – you can experience amazing city views. Built on top of a thermal spring-created cave network, upon the hill lies the Royal Palace, built in the 13th century and since transformed into two museums. The Middle Aged Old Town is also located on this site, which serves as a beautiful upward winding walk by night if you’re in the mood for romance.

Island Life

Though steeped in historical legacy, Budapest is also a modern, bustling city, with activities ranging from sports to exciting nightlife options ripe for experiencing. Many of these diversions take place on the islands on the Danube itself, the most popular for recreation being Margaret Island (parks, swimming, athletics, cycling) and Obudai-Sziget (famous for international music festival Sziget and its nightclubs and music venues).

Thermal Springs in Budapest

Budapest is also known as a city of spas; it houses several natural wells and geothermal hot springs beneath the northern and western parts of the city, owing in part to its colonization by the Romans and later the Turkish. The baths built during the latter period were designed as medicinal as well as bathing facilities; the ones still used today follow the same model. Some, such as the renovated Rudas Baths, date back to 1566, boasting stunning original architectural features such as an octagonal pool with eight pillars holding up a 10 metre diameter dome cupola to let light in through coloured glass.

Whether travelling for the medieval architecture, to enjoy live music or simply for the purpose of unwinding at a local thermal spring, looking up flights to Budapest on Flybe is the perfect first step toward immersing yourself in the city’s idyllic surroundings.

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