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Take a Bohemian Break in Berlin

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One of the coolest cities in Europe, Berlin is a culture hot spot buzzing with endless attractions for those interested in art, music, fashion and film. Although this German city has a famously fraught history, the thriving youth culture has seen it rapidly develop into one of the most cosmopolitan places in Europe. If you want to expand your history knowledge, there are a myriad of museums and tours to experience – and many are free of charge. Why not grab your cheap flights to Berlin on Flybe and indulge in an unforgettable getaway?

Situated in North East Germany on the River Spree, this intriguing capital city is peppered with famous landmarks to soak up and is easy to navigate via the highly efficient U-Bahn system. From the neoclassical nuances of the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the baroque brilliance of the Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin has so much awe-inspiring architecture for the voracious eye to see.

Brandenburg gate, Berlin

If you're interested in art, one of the most electrifying exhibitions you're ever likely to experience is waiting for you in the German capital. The Berlin Wall, a symbol of the Cold War which was built in 1961, physically divided the East and West sides of the city for 28 years. The barrier might have fallen in 1990 but the remains of the partition serve as a permanent reminder of our united fight for tolerance and liberty. Plastered with politically-charged paintings and murals from artists and amateurs across the world, this famous landmark is classed as a wonder of the modern world and serves as a permanent reminder of the importance of free expression.

If you're keen to experience more of Berlin's thriving art scene, there is a whole island of marvellous museums on the north side of the River Spree. The five internationally renowned museums include the Neues Museum which contains a wealth of Egyptian artefacts including the illustrious bust of Queen Nefertiti and the Old National Gallery, which contains hundreds of beautiful German Romantic era paintings. The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the leading events in the world for cinema buffs and attracts thousands of movie lovers from across the globe every summer, celebrating the work of outstanding directors and actors.

Famous for being the birthplace of techno music, the colossal clubs in Berlin attract electro music lovers from across the world. If you're serious about experiencing the EDM allure of Berlin in all its glory, a night out at the mysterious converted power station Berghain is an absolute must. If advanced urban clubbing isn't your thing, there are a wealth of intriguing pubs and clubs to experience on the East side. Whether you fancy a perfect German beer in a trendy tavern or a bespoke cocktail in one of the many vintage inspired bars that are hidden across the city, you'll never go thirsty in Berlin.

One of the favourite foodie cities in the world, Berlin boasts a countless array of eating establishments. You can grab a traditional Currywurst, Bockwurst or Bratwurst on-the-go almost anywhere and there's cheap and hearty street food on every corner thanks to the melting pot culture. The abundance of Turkish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian and Slavic restaurants offer a flavour for every fancy. Purchase a cheap flight to Berlin at Flybe and soak up this sensational city for yourself.

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